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About Us


Solid Background in the Web Hosting Industry

HOUSE OF HOSTINGS began in 2007 with the goal of providing a customer based web hosting service. There are numerous web hosting companies on the Web, all competing for your business, but very few truly put customer service first. There are various reasons why this happens but the most obvious one is too many web sites hosted by that company. When a company is hosting tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of web sites, then without a doubt your one web site is not important to them. At HOUSE OF HOSTINGS this is not true. We have not forgotten our roots or where we came from. Each and every single account is as important to us today as when we started. We will always offer you, our customer the utmost care and service to not only earn your business but more importantly keep your business. The best form of advertising is word of mouth. If you provide excellent service and support your company will grow. Our continuing growth is a perfect example of this business principal. Hosting is a fast paced business that demands the most from both parties involved. As your web site expands and your reliance on the Internet becomes more important, you will need a company that is ready to take on any challenge your business deems necessary. HOUSE OF HOSTINGS puts the customer in the driver's seat. Simply speaking, our customers tell us what they require and we react. Our company plan for expansion is simple, a slow controlled growth building a sophisticated infrastructure, with state of the art equipment, expanding our facility and most important keeping our technical support and customer service strong. Month by month we have continued to build and strengthen our company. HOUSE OF HOSTINGS has become well known and highly respected in the hosting community as a web hosting firm that provides high quality services at an affordable price. HOUSE OF HOSTINGS is a dynamic organization comprised of a staff of technical and business experts that are committed to excellence. Our staff is dedicated professionals that are interested in your web hosting needs and have the experience and resources to meet all of your demanding requirements. We have been part of the web hosting since for more than three years now, and thus have become familiar with the niceties of this industry. Our in-depth experience has encouraged us to pour a significant part of our creative juices into web development. The result is a web hosting platform of our own brand, which is available to you via a feature rich user-friendly Control Panel.

Trustworthy Partners

We believe in solid and long-term partnership. Top of our partners are Interspire, Microsoft, Onlinenic, Paypal, 2checkout.

Complete Solution for Your Online Presence

We offer you a one-stop web hosting solution, which will let you build a successful online presence through various helpful services. By completing everything under one company, you save yourself a lot of headaches. You will enter into the global Internet space quickly, at a very reasonable cost. Drop by for a multi-lateral online experience based on next-generation technologies, fast servers & 24/7 customer support.

Competitive Prices

One of the most important factors in choosing the best web hosting provider for you is the good price/quality proportion of the offered services. HOUSE OF HOSTINGS gives you more than you actually pay for. The combination between quality web resources, multiple domain hosting and many supplementary useful features is available to you at a very reasonable cost.

Full-Time Involvement with Customers' Online Demands

Our online efforts are concentrated on serving our customers' demands effectively, which is why we put an accent on quality customer support available to you round the clock. Not only are our well-trained support guys at your disposal 24/7, they are also keen on responding to your needs almost immediately, although our response time guarantee is 1 hour.

Reliable and High Speed Server Network

The technology behind our data centres is aimed at delivering maximum server performance, with a focus on inexpensive reliability. Our in-house built hosting platform is based on fast, first-quality custom-built servers under our ownership, that are located on both sides of the Atlantic ocean - Florida, USA and Texas, in United States.

Reliable Semi-Cluster Technology

The reliability of our self-developed web hosting platform software is among our priority tasks and we are continuously investing intellectual efforts toward taking it to a full cluster server technology level. Being a step away from the desired final result, we are offering you a semi-cluster based hosting service with many advantages. This technology allows the separate services, such as DNS and e-mail, to be performed on independent servers, which ensures their increased stability. Our platform has proven to be between 5 -10 times better than the one-server hosting platforms in terms of performance, usability and capacity.

Multi-Language Control Panel of our Own Design

HOUSE OF HOSTINGS Cheapest Multi-Language Control Panel is very easy and pleasant to work. For better orientation, the feature rich Control Panel interface is interspersed with useful Help Links and over 60 Video Tutorials that will shed light on everything that you may find useful. As of now, our Control Panel supports 14 languages (English, Spanish, Arabic, German, French, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Czech), as their number is expected to keep growing.

Multiple Web Site (Domain) Hosting

Our packages have been designed to let you host more than one independent web site in a single account. Moreover, you can add several web sites for the price of one, which is offered by few companies and considerably cuts off the domain hosting costs.

Services Overview

At HOUSE OF HOSTINGS we believe in commitment to quality and high level of client satisfaction, through dedication and professional work. The products we deliver are quality tested and are prepared to give competitive edge to our clients and therefore, clearly reflect value for money. We are capable of providing products and solutions in the areas detailed below:

Business Process Outsourcing.

Offshore Development and Project Management.

Financial Management Consultancy.

Customized Software Development.

E-commerce Systems Design and Development.

Active Server Technology & Web Site Engineering.

Website Design, Development and Deployment.

Possibility to Upgrade to a More Advanced Set-Up

Keeping in mind your intentions to grow online, we allow you to easily upgrade your hosting account to a more advanced one directly from your Control Panel. You will be a click away from choosing the best plan to upgrade to and covering only the difference between the prices of the two packages, in compliance with the number of months left to the expiration date of the current account.

Enterprise Resource Planning.

Inventory Modules.

Financial Accounting.

Balance Sheet.

Daily/Monthly / Profit/Loss.

Human Resource Modules.

Pay Pal System.

Staff Management.

Expenditure & Bills.

Our Mission

HOUSE OF HOSTINGS strives to constantly improve the quality of its service, develop its competitive power, preserve its loyal clients and strengthen its position on the market. Our business approach is human-oriented in that our client support is a center factor in the quality hosting service that we offer.

Who are we?

In brief, our Hosting program offers complete automation for your web hosting business. We provide the hosting service, the billing and the 24/7 technical support to your clients. You have the freedom to set up your own prices and thus maintain a full control over your profits. In addition, as a reseller you have full access to your clients' accounts and to detailed statistics of all your sales. Our principal company team is comprised of 20 exceptional specialists in web design, computer technologies, marketing and advertising, who all look after the quality and reliability of our services. You can contact our client support team by phone, through the live chat, via email and through our integrated ticketing system, and receive advice in a matter of minutes. We have noticed an increasing number of people questioning our pricing and asking how can we offer our hosting plans at these competitive price points & still maintain excellent customer service. The answer is simple and here is how HOUSE OF HOSTINGS makes it possible. As many of you may already know there are numerous companies, approximately 6000 of them in the USA alone competing for your hosting business. The great majority of these companies does not even publish a phone number for one to call if they have questions or need assistance. How can you be a legitimate business, and not have a phone number for people to call? Unfortunately, the answer is approximately 99.99% of the hosting companies operating today are either resellers of a larger hosting company, people who co-locate their equipment on someone else's network, or worse, buy a dedicated server from an established hosting company and resell the bandwidth and disk storage at "come on" prices. The old adage you get what you pay for applies more than ever in the web hosting market. We differ from all of the above because we are not a reseller, nor are we co-locating our equipment on someone else's network. We own and control our own destiny and maintain our own network and servers. As a result of having our own network, We buy bandwidth in bulk allowing us to offer our customers a generous amount of bandwidth and at competitive prices. As for the price of disk space, prices continue to fall and once again, we choose to pass on these savings to our clients. We have an old school business philosophy. Give the customer a great price coupled with excellent customer support and service and they will bring you new customers. HOUSE OF HOSTINGS is in business to turn a profit. Because of this old style philosophy we do not spend large amounts of money to lure new customers. Instead we rely on the best advertising media in the world. Our business continues to grow each day because of our satisfied base of clients recommending our hosting services. We work very hard in providing excellent customer support and maintaining our own fast reliable network. By doing so, word of mouth spreads quickly throughout the Internet. With the money that we save on huge advertising bills, we continue to re-invest back into our network & staff to provide state of the art equipment and quality over quantity. We have hopefully answered your concerns. Now lets us prove it. Sign on with us and if you are not satisfied within 15 days, we offer a no questions asked money back guarantee.

Solutions For Everyone

HOUSE OF HOSTINGS offers professional web hosting services for both individuals and enterprises. Depending on the number of websites you need to host, you can choose between a variety of web hosting packages, each one carefully prepared according to your needs.

User-friendly Multi-language Control Panel

To get an idea of the potentialities of our web hosting Control Panel, we present to your attention its demo account in which you can log "LOGIN" button. HOUSE OF HOSTINGS multi-language Control Panel supports the following languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Czech and Chinese (Simplified/Traditional). We are constantly working on adding new languages to the Control Panel, to make it more accessible to our customers from around the world. Any similarity between the plan parameters in the demo account and those of the web hosting plans offered by us is purely coincidental.

Customer Care

One of the most essential components of our offering is the customer care service. Our skilled professionals will dedicate all their efforts to your web hosting demands round-the-clock, taking to heart every single help request, and providing a solution in almost no time.

Need Help?

Our customer support team will meet your most sophisticated requirements at any given moment of the twenty-four-hour period. You can get in contact with us via all standard communication channels - by phone, e-mail, live chat or by the ticketing system.

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